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The Clermont Barn Replacement Project is on track for construction in 2023. The Virginia Dept. of Historic Resources (DHR), owner of Clermont Farm, is managing the project to replace the1917 bank barn which burned in November, 2018 (see photo above).  The project is being funded by state insurance at about $1.6M.  Two one-story barns, an animal barn and a hay barn, will replace the two-story bank barn, which was built into the hillside, with animals on the ground floor and hay storage on the second floor. The new hay barn will be built within the footprint of the former bank barn and the new animal barn will be built to the east on flatter ground, leaving a work and parking courtyard between the two.  This location will integrate with the farm's existing animal fenced alleyway system and its working pen system, and minimize additional use of crop and pasture land.

Foundation of burned two-story 1917 Bank Barn built into hillside, with surviving circa 1920 red Metal Silo and circa 1940 white Cement Stave Silo (both to be retained). Clarke Middle-school students touring farm on hay wagon.

Former Clermont 1917 Bank Barn (two-story barn built into hill/bank) site, looking east to Blue Ridge. New one-story Hay Barn (smaller) will be built within the former barn site, and new one-story Animal Barn will be built down at fence to east. 

4-5-23: As DHR is funding and managing the project on state land, state procurement and design standards are required to be followed.  The national bid for architectural and engineering services was won against significant competition by Main Street Architecture of Berryville, VA.   MSA are now preparing for an estimate on the next to final plans.  The schedule is to complete plans and construction bidding in the early summer and start construction later in the summer of 2023, with completion by end of year. The animal barn will include basic animal management equipment, feed storage, a vet lab and space for visitors and tours.  The Foundation will also move its staff into handicapped-accessible space in the barn so they do not take up space in the historic (and non-accessible) historic buildings, as well as moving the farm's extensive historical archives out of commercial storage into conditioned space which staff and researchers can access on site. The Clermont Foundation's Event Schedule for 2023 will include a tour during construction and a tour at completion, dates to be announced.